In its traditional execution (without backbend)
utthita ashwa sanchalasana is one of the asana composing the sun salutation: a 12-movement sequence each of which represents a time during the day associated to a mantra that enhances one sun feature. Om Bhānave Namah (salutation to who enlighten) and Om Adityāya Namah (salutation to the son of Aditi, the cosmic mother) are the two mantras to be repeated when performing this pose. The sequence of sun salutation is conceived to be practiced everyday to thank the sun and to find the right energy to face a new day, the positions are in fact associated to a specific chakra. During a whole salutation all the chakras from base to crown are energised again. Utthita ashwa sanchalasana is associated to the Agya Chakra, the chakra of third eye responsible for wisdom, intellect and focus.

Pendant charm, MIKELART jewels are 100% MADE IN ITALY in 925 sterling silver. They are handmade and finished through the ancient technique of lost-wax casting, completed with Venetian links in 925 sterling silver. Each jewel comes with an elegant hard case, a clean and fine-designed screen-printed shopping bag and the warranty certificate.


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Yoga jewellery pendant, UTTHITA ASHWA SANCHALASANA, equestrian pose “Sun salutation”
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