VIRABHADRASANA II, warrior 2 pose “The warrior’s pride, the incarnation of Shiva” It looks like a static position, but according the ancient books the warrior two represents the moment when God Shiva unsheathes his sword to revenge his lover. It is an essential pose to develop stability and strength on the lowest part of the body and at the same time to search the alignment in the upper part. One leg is bended 90° degrees while the other one is stretched, the feet are well steady on the ground and arms and shoulders are at the same height, stretching in opposite directions with palms facing the ground, as if they were pointing the target with one hand and grabbing the sword with the other.

Pendant charm, MIKELART jewels are 100% MADE IN ITALY in 925 sterling silver. They are handmade and finished through the ancient technique of lost-wax casting, completed with Venetian links in 925 sterling silver. Each jewel comes with an elegant hard case, a clean and fine-designed screen-printed shopping bag and the warranty certificate.


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Yoga jewellery pendant VIRABHADRASANA II
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