Pendant, Volleyball Spike Attack. It’s the redefinition of the whole game, the action to score. The hand hits the ball in different ways, it can be powerful, soft, short or long. The goal is to see the ball touching the opposing field. The attack movement is a mix of elegance, dynamism and intensity and this is for sure the most representative one in the whole game. The three steps preceding the jump, the elevation, the symbolism and eventually the final hit in the highest speed, are the most successful union between power and grace.

Pendant charm, MIKELART jewels are 100% MADE IN ITALY in 925 sterling silver. They are handmade and finished through the ancient technique of lost-wax casting, completed with Venetian links in 925 sterling silver. Each jewel comes with an elegant hard case, a clean and fine-designed screen-printed shopping bag and the warranty certificate.


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Pendant Volleyball jewel Spike Attack
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