“Only through passion you can reach perfection” Such figure is very famous in the ice-skating world. The ‘Biellmann’ can be performed both as a figure and as a spin (here is why it is called the ‘Biellmann Spin’). The name is clearly inspired by the Swiss athlete Denise Biellmann, multi medal winner in the 80s. Thanks to her perfect and harmonious performance, one of the main authorities within the figure skating, the International Skating Union (ISU), decided to name it the ‘Biellman spin’.
MIKELART jewels are 100% MADE IN ITALY in 925 sterling silver. They are handmade and finished through the ancient technique of lost-wax casting, completed with Venetian links in 925 sterling silver. Each jewel comes with an elegant hard case, a clean and fine-designed screen-printed shopping bag and the warranty certificate.


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